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Affordable Room Cleaning Services

Affordable Room Cleaning Services

Save money by letting Santa Clarita's best carpet cleaners take care of everything.
Professional Stain Removal For Carpets & Furniture

Professional Stain Removal For Carpets & Furniture

Need to get rid of wine stains or some other marks on your rugs, carpets, upholstery or other? We've got the experts to get this done for cheap.
Cleaning Tiles & Grouts Too

Cleaning Tiles & Grouts Too

From kitchen floors to bathroom walls, we offer the cheap and effective tile cleaning services any Santa Clarita resident needs.
Santa Clarita's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Santa Clarita's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners

From office spaces to hotels to restaurants and clinics, we can make your business look great in no time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal in Santa Clarita

For a reliable and professional carpet cleaning service, look no further! We are a local carpet cleaning company that specializes in a variety of cleaning methods, making our experienced team one of the most effective cleaning services throughout California. Whether the premises are residential or commercial, our friendly team of technicians are trained to work with a wide range of materials, ensuring that we always deliver the best results. With our additional expertise in rug, tiles, and upholstery cleaning, it is no wonder that our service is renowned for remarkable results and reliable service.

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By choosing Carpet Cleaning Santa Clarita, you are choosing a professional service that is guaranteed to deliver quality results at affordable prices. You can rest easy knowing that you are not only receiving a service that has your best interests in mind, but one that stands out in its use of warm and welcoming cleaning technicians that consistently adhere to performance standards. We pride ourselves on our cost effective service, which is dedicated to providing the best experience possible at a fair price. After all, we believe everyone deserves to live in an environment that is clean and hygienic. Read on to learn about the types of services we provide that will have your carpet and furnishings looking better than new.

Help Your Carpet Look as Good as New

On top of providing a general cleaning treatment, our experienced team are experienced at removing stubborn stains from your carpet. Unfortunately even the most careful of people experience accidents from time to time, resulting in discolorations that are frustrating, unsightly, and extremely difficult to remove. Luckily our expert cleaning technicians have more than enough experience to help resolve this issue. Our advanced stain treatments can tackle even the toughest of stains and restore your carpet to its original grandeur. To minimize the risk of permanent stains, it is important to seek our specialized help as soon as possible to ensure the best outcome.

Specialized Rug Cleaning

Using incorrect cleaning procedures and chemicals can cause permanent damage and discoloration to your rugs, making it important to ensure that the correct methods are being used. With a wide variety of rugs being available, inexperience can make it difficult to know the right choice, which is why we provide an experienced team who are trained to recognize and provide the appropriate cleaning methods for your upholstery. Whether it is an Oriental or woolen rug, acrylic or Egyptian, our technicians understand the importance of protecting your treasured possessions. Our cleaning procedures are specialized to maximize cleaning potential and minimize unnecessary damage.

Combating Water Damage

Water is an extremely destructive substance when applied in excess to carpets and indoor furniture, meaning that it is important to deal with any surplus of moisture or flooding as quickly as possible. Rapid deterioration often occurs if the issue is left untreated for longer than three days, which is why prompt and effective action is crucial in order to minimize the risk of any harmful effects. Even though water can have some seriously costly consequences, our professional services provide valuable clean-up and restoration services that produce incredible results.  Our unmatched expertise means we know how to act quickly in order to reduce the chance of serious damage.

Effective Odor Removal              

Unpleasant odors can be extremely difficult to get rid of, with simple cleaning methods unfortunately not always being thorough enough to remove smell fouls within your home or workplace. The longer these stubborn incidents are left untreated, the higher the risk that the odor will also contaminate the floor beneath it, making it even more difficult to get rid of. Our team provides the necessary tools and training to extensively clean carpets producing the foul odor, removing it for good. Our methods target the source of the smell instead of merely masking it, ensuring that it has been permanently removed.

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If you need residential or commercial room cleaning services near the Santa Clarita area, we're the company to call. We specialize in stain removal for furniture & carpets, and can steam clean upholstery and carry out mold removal and remediation work. We also offer tile cleaning services and water damage restoration for homes and businesses. To get top-quality results at the lowest possible costs, give us a call and get help from Santa Clarita's best carpet cleaning company.


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Wow! Carpets and sofas look really good. Way better than I expect. Stains completely gone! Thanks a lot!
Roberta Vicer
Your team did a hell of a job with our dirty old rug and the carpet area in our foyer. I couldn't believe the results.
Louis Newt
Thanks for getting rid of the stains on our living room carpet you guys. Would 100% recommend you to everyone I know.
Leif Pats


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