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Do you have kids who like playing on the sofas, rugs and carpets? In this case you need a reliable rug cleaning company if the durability of your upholstery is to be maintained. For every home in this country, rug cleaning is one of the most basic activities. You need to avoid a situation whereby your rugs look worse after they have been cleaned. Bring your upholstery problems to Carpet cleaning Santa Clarita in California and you will see the much sought change.

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Sometimes it is even better to leave the rugs rather than using the wrong rug cleaning service. If you use the wrong process or detergent on the rugs, this could lead to irreversible damage and ultimately loss on your side. For solutions in all upholstery cleaning solutions, homeowners in Santa Clarita are taking their jobs to professional rug cleaners. Any reliable rug cleaning process has to go through some basic simple steps.

The first step concerns pre-cleaning rug inspection. This step is very important for any professional cleaning as the type of dirt and stains are identified and necessary rug cleaning arrangements done. Most of the DIY oriental rugs cleaning processes come short in this regard and the result is usually shoddy work on your valuable upholstery. Unprofessional rug cleaners are no better as they could bypass this step or use just any kind of detergent on your rug. You don’t have to experience the agony of losing your prized rugs; let that from today on, the Carpet cleaning Santa Clarita handle your upholstery cleaning needs.

After inspection on the Persian, wool or silk rugs is complete, attention is now directed to the loosely attached dirt. In this crucial stage of rug cleaning, vacuuming cleaning method is largely applied. This is in readiness of actual cleaning which should be done in a spacious area. Create some space in the room by moving any furniture that is nearby. For the real cleaning you will first have to deal with the soil on the rugs. With the help of an appropriate commercial rug cleaning agent soil on the carpet is first broken down and emulsified. Special cleaning agents are then applied on the stubborn stains to weaken and make it easier to wash them later.

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Then follows the extraction and rinsing phase whereby a brush is used to pre-groom the rug. In this step the rug does not have to water/wetness. To ensure that all the residues are removed, the commercial or residential rug cleaning specialist rinses this interior thoroughly. For enhanced softness and freshness on the rug, a neutraliser is then applied.

Dirty rug cleaning at our firm is never complete without spotting and grooming. This step is mainly meant for the treatmrent of stains that are still visible after the normal cleaning process.


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