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From your curtains to the floor tiles in the kitchen or bathroom, our expert room cleaning services cover every aspect. If you’re around the Santa Clarita area and you need upholstery cleaning or some stain removal for carpets, furniture or draperies, we can help. Our affordable room cleaning services suit both residential and commercial properties. Read about some of the recent cleaning projects we completed in your area:

Tile Cleaning In Humphreys CA

Tile Cleaning

Customer Issue: Mrs. Kelly was fully aware of the fact that only professional cleaning could make her kitchen tiles look as when first bought.
Our Solution: We made sure to use a non-toxic solution and scrubbed it deep into the tiles and grout and let it do its job. Once the dirt was loosened, we cleaned the grout with a specialized brush. To finish the cleaning process and make the tiles sanitized, we removed all the dirt with a high-tech steam extraction system. And last but not least, we dried and polished the floor.

Elizabeth Kelly - Humphreys
Curtain Cleaning Next To Castaic CA

Curtain Cleaning

Customer Issue: The drapes in the foyer and rooms needed some freshening up.
Our Solution: We decided to steam clean the drapes in situ in order to make minimal disruptions. We vacuumed the drapes and made sure there was no lint left on them; then, we turned on our steam cleaner. We made sure to keep the appliance at a safe distance so as not to drench the fabric and paid close attention we covered every square inch. Finally, we set up air movers to speed up the drying process.

Sophia Rivera - Castaic
Upholstery Cleaning Near Santa Clarita CA

Upholstery Cleaning

Customer Issue: Numerous food and drink spills made the chairs look shabby.
Our Solution: We examined the fabric to choose the best upholstery cleaning method and vacuumed the chairs to remove as much dust and debris as possible. Next, we applied our cleaning solution and turned on our heavy-duty upholstery cleaning machine to extract all the dirt stuck in the fabric. Once we finished cleaning the chairs, we applied a protective coating to help them better resist dirt and stains.

Daniel Stewart - Santa Clarita
Affordable Room Cleaning Services

Affordable Room Cleaning Services

Save money by letting Santa Clarita's best carpet cleaners take care of everything.
Professional Stain Removal For Carpets & Furniture

Professional Stain Removal For Carpets & Furniture

Need to get rid of wine stains or some other marks on your rugs, carpets, upholstery or other? We've got the experts to get this done for cheap.
Cleaning Tiles & Grouts Too

Cleaning Tiles & Grouts Too

From kitchen floors to bathroom walls, we offer the cheap and effective tile cleaning services any Santa Clarita resident needs.
Santa Clarita's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Santa Clarita's Best Commercial Carpet Cleaners

From office spaces to hotels to restaurants and clinics, we can make your business look great in no time.

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